BeOutQ TV Biss Key New Frequency On Nilesat 201 at 7.0°W

Biss Key BeOutQ TV On Nilesat 201 at 7.0°W New Frequency

The frequency of the beoutQ channel On all satellites, we transmit it to you through Ma’ak Ya Watan website, where the beoutQ channel management announced that sporting events is a for all viewers and fans, and it cannot be the preserve of anyone, and it has already all matches for the World Cup Russia 2018 for free. Sport bein sports has the exclusive to matches for many international and continental leagues, as it some matches on

Frequency between Sport bein Sports Open , And also became a channel KSA SPORT Saudi Arabia has the right to the Mohammed bin Salman League, the Saudi League, now for free, and many other global matches of interest to many that can be watched through that channel

The frequency of the beoutQ channel on Nilesat and Arabsat

And we transfer to you now through our site with you, oh homeland,The frequency of the beoutQ channel On both the Arab satellite and Nilesat for all types of regular and HD receivers, which now enable you to watch many different sports matches, not only football matches that many love, but many sports and international tournaments that are watched by millions around the world .

get up Bout Q channel By from Colombia free of charge, many matches, especially games that the State of Qatar obtains the exclusive right to, due to the political dispute between Qatar and many countries and now the Asian Cup 2020 matches, which are watched by millions now.

get up Bout Q channel Today, many very important and strong football matches that will be watched by millions all over the world with ease and without coding.

The frequency of the beoutQ channel
The frequency of the beoutQ channel on Nilesat
Frequency Coding polarization Factor
12344 27500 V 5/6
12034 27500 H 5/6
The frequency of the beoutQ channel on Arabsat
Frequency Coding polarization Factor
12207 27500 V 5/6
11919 27500 H 5/6
12380 27500 H 5/6

The BoutQ channel is now showing the strongest sports matches after the Asian Cup and the Africa Cup of Nations 2020, and you can now get the BoutQ frequency with ease.

BeOut Q Sports New Biss Key On Badr 26 °E

Channel Name : BeOut Q Sports
Satellite : Badr 4 -26 °E
BeOut Q Sports Transponder : 11919 H 27500
BeOut Q Sports Frequency : 11919
Pol : H
BeOut Q Sports Symbolarate :  27500
Mode : Mpeg4
Biss key :

  • 1A DC 99 DB 8D 65 31 99

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