Jones and Mainoo might oppose Gareth Southgate's innate pragmatism.Jones and Mainoo might oppose Gareth Southgate's innate pragmatism.

Jones and Mainoo might oppose Gareth Southgate’s innate pragmatism.

Jones and Mainoo are two talented young midfielders who have impressed for Liverpool and Manchester United this season. They have shown creativity, flair, and versatility in their roles, and some fans and pundits think they deserve a chance to play for England at Euro 2024. However, Gareth Southgate is known for his pragmatic approach, which often favours more defensive-minded and experienced players like Henderson and Phillips. He may not be willing to risk changing his system or dropping his trusted players for newcomers. It is a difficult decision for him, as he has many options to choose from in midfield.

Jones and Mainoo might oppose or not

Jones and Mainoo could challenge Gareth Southgate’s natural pragmatism. The article asks if a few uncapped players could force their way into Southgate’s plans for the 2024 Euro squad. The article also asks if England fans would feel more secure with Henderson and Phillips at the base of the midfield.

Jones and Mainoo might oppose Gareth Southgate's innate pragmatism.

It sounds like you are interested in the topic of England’s midfield options for the upcoming Euro 2024 tournament. I found some information from the web that might help you learn more about this.

Differing opinions on Gareth Southgate’s pragmatic approach

Jones and Mainoo may have differing opinions on Gareth Southgate’s pragmatic approach to coaching and managing the England national football team. While some may appreciate Southgate’s focus on practicality, organization, and results, others like Jones and Mainoo might prefer a more expressive and creative style of play. Southgate’s emphasis on defensive solidity, disciplined tactics, and risk aversion could be seen as limiting the team’s attacking flair and entertainment value, which could be a point of contention for those who value a more adventurous and dynamic approach to the game. Ultimately, differing perspectives on Southgate’s pragmatism can spark healthy debates and discussions within the football community, showcasing the diversity of opinions and preferences in the sport.

Gareth Southgate’s squad

According to one, there are two uncapped players who are making a strong case for inclusion in Gareth Southgate’s squad: Curtis Jones and Kobbie Mainoo. Jones is a versatile midfielder who has become a key player for Liverpool this season, scoring six goals and providing four assists in all competitions. Mainoo is a young talent who has impressed for Manchester United since making his debut in January 2023, scoring two goals and winning the Jimmy Murphy Young Player of the Year award.

The suggests that Jones and Mainoo could challenge Southgate’s natural pragmatism, as he tends to prefer more defensive-minded midfielders like Jordan Henderson and Kalvin Phillips. Henderson and Phillips were both part of England’s World Cup squad in 2022, but have faced some difficulties since then. Henderson left Liverpool to join Saudi Arabian side Al-Ettifaq in July 2023, while Phillips has struggled to get regular game time at Manchester City.

If England fans would feel more secure with Henderson and Phillips at the base of the midfield, or if they would welcome some fresh blood and creativity from Jones and Mainoo. It argues that Southgate should be open to experimenting with different combinations and formations, as he has a wealth of options to choose from.

Another person also discusses the potential of Jones and Mainoo, as well as other young midfielders like Jude Bellingham, Conor Gallagher, and Eberechi Eze. It claims that England have a golden generation of midfielders who could dominate world football for the next decade. It praises their technical ability, vision, flair, and work rate, and compares them to some of the best midfielders in history.

The person also acknowledges the challenge that Southgate faces in selecting his squad, as he has to balance experience, form, and chemistry. It suggests that he should not be afraid to drop some of the established names, such as Henderson, Phillips, and Declan Rice, if they are not performing well or fit his system. It urges him to trust his instincts and give the young stars a chance to shine.

Analyzing Jones and Mainoo’s Opposition to Gareth Southgate’s Innate Pragmatism

Gareth Southgate, the esteemed manager of the England national football team, is widely recognized for his pragmatic approach to the game. However, two prominent critics, Jones and Mainoo, have emerged with contrasting views on Southgate’s tactical decisions and strategies

The Clash of Philosophies

Jones and Mainoo argue that Southgate’s pragmatic style limits the team’s creativity and flair on the field. They believe that his emphasis on structure and defensive solidity stifles the players’ natural talents and inhibits their ability to express themselves freely.

The Debate on Risk-Taking

One of the key points of contention between Southgate and his critics is the issue of risk-taking. While Southgate prioritizes caution and calculated moves, Jones and Mainoo advocate for a more daring and adventurous approach that embraces uncertainty and bold decision-making.

Jones and Mainoo also question Southgate’s impact on player development within the national team setup. They argue that his pragmatic philosophy may hinder the growth and progression of young talents who thrive in more dynamic and expansive playing styles.

Finding Common Ground

Despite their differences, all parties agree on the ultimate goal of achieving success for the England team. While Southgate prioritizes results and efficiency, Jones and Mainoo emphasize the importance of playing attractive, entertaining football that resonates with fans and inspires the next generation of players.


In conclusion, the debate surrounding Gareth Southgate’s innate pragmatism continues to spark discussions and divide opinions within the football community. Jones and Mainoo’s opposition sheds light on the complexities of balancing pragmatism with creativity in the pursuit of excellence on the pitch.

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