The Scout's 24 Ones to Watch for FPL GameweekThe Scout's 24 Ones to Watch for FPL Gameweek

The Scout’s 24 Ones to Watch for FPL Gameweek is a feature by the Premier League website that recommends five players who are expected to perform well in the upcoming Gameweek based on their form, fixtures, and statistics.

The players are selected from different positions and price ranges, and are usually not the most popular or obvious choices among FPL managers. The aim is to help FPL managers find some differential picks or hidden gems that could boost their rank and score.

The Scout is a feature on the official Premier League website that provides FPL advice and tips based on stats, analysis, and matchups. The Scout’s 24 Ones to Watch are a selection of players who are expected to perform well in the upcoming Gameweek 24, which starts on Saturday, February 10, 2024.

The Scout's 24 Ones to Watch for FPL Gameweek

The selection is based on factors such as form, fixtures, ownership, and differential potential.
The 24 players are divided into four categories: goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and forwards. Each category has six players, with at least one player costing £5.0m or less, £6.5m or less, and £7.0m or less respectively.

The Scout’s 24 Ones to Watch for FPL Gameweek

The goalkeepers are: Ederson (Manchester City), Ramsdale (Arsenal), Schmeichel (Leicester), Foster (Watford), Meslier (Leeds), and Sanchez (Brighton). The defenders are: Cancelo (Manchester City), Robertson (Liverpool), Digne (Everton), Alonso (Chelsea), White (Arsenal), and Adebayo (Luton).

The midfielders are: Salah (Liverpool), De Bruyne (Manchester City), Bowen (West Ham), Martinelli (Arsenal), Saka (Arsenal), and Gallagher (Crystal Palace). The forwards are: Ronaldo (Manchester United), Antonio (West Ham), Watkins (Aston Villa), Edouard (Crystal Palace), Jimenez (Wolves), and Dennis (Watford).
Some of the key points to note are:

Manchester City have a double Gameweek, playing against West Ham and Southampton, which boosts the appeal of their players, especially Ederson, Cancelo, and De Bruyne. Liverpool face Burnley at home, which is a favourable fixture for their attacking players, especially Salah, who is the most popular captain choice.
Arsenal have been in good form lately, scoring 12 goals in their last four matches, which makes their attackers, such as Martinelli, Saka, and White, attractive options.

Luton have a double Gameweek as well, playing against Sheffield United and Newcastle, which could offer some cheap points from their defender Adebayo, who has scored seven goals in his last eight matches.
Crystal Palace have two home matches against Wolves and Norwich, which could be good opportunities for their forward duo of Edouard and Gallagher, who have combined for 15 goals and 10 assists this season.
West Ham have a tough fixture against Manchester City, but their star striker Antonio has scored in each of his last three matches, and could still cause problems for the City defence.

To use this information for your own FPL team, you should consider the following tips:
Check your team’s budget and balance, and see which players you can afford to bring in or transfer out.
Look at your team’s fixtures, and see which players have favourable or unfavourable matchups, and plan accordingly.

Consider the ownership and differential potential of the players, and see which ones could help you gain or lose rank in your mini-leagues or overall standings. Think about your captain and vice-captain choices, and see which players have the highest ceiling and floor for points, and the lowest risk of rotation or injury.
Be flexible and adaptable, and be ready to make changes based on the latest news, updates, and form.

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) players are always on the lookout for the best picks to include in their teams. With Gameweek 24 around the corner, many are wondering who the top players to watch are. Fortunately, The Scout has provided a list of 24 Ones to Watch for FPL Gameweek 24. Here’s a breakdown of some of the standout players from the list.

First up is Ilkay Gundogan of Manchester City. The midfielder has been in incredible form recently, scoring six goals in his last six appearances. His price tag of £6.1m makes him an attractive option for FPL managers looking to bolster their midfield.

Another standout player is Everton’s Dominic Calvert-Lewin. The striker has been in fine form this season, scoring 13 goals in 20 appearances. He also has a favourable run of fixtures coming up, making him a great option for FPL managers looking to invest in a reliable forward.

Up next is Aston Villa’s Ollie Watkins. The striker has been a key player for Villa this season, scoring eight goals and providing three assists. He also has a favourable run of fixtures coming up, making him an attractive option for FPL managers looking for a budget-friendly forward.

Lastly, we have West Ham’s Jesse Lingard. The midfielder has been a revelation since joining the Hammers on loan from Manchester United. He has scored three goals and provided an assist in his first two appearances for the club. With a price tag of just £5.9m, he could be a great differential for FPL managers looking to take a risk on a player who could provide big returns.

Overall, The Scout’s 24 Ones to Watch for FPL Gameweek 24 provides FPL managers with a wealth of options to consider when making transfers and selecting their starting lineups. Whether it’s investing in in-form players like Gundogan and Calvert-Lewin, or taking a risk on a budget-friendly player like Watkins or Lingard, there are plenty of options available to help FPL managers climb the ranks and achieve success in their mini-leagues.

Some of the FAQs about The Scout’s 24 Ones to Watch for FPL Gameweek are:

How often is the feature updated? The feature is updated weekly, usually a few days before the deadline of each Gameweek. The latest edition can be found on the Premier League website.

How reliable are the recommendations? The recommendations are based on the opinions and analysis of the Scout, who is an experienced and knowledgeable FPL expert. However, they are not guaranteed to be accurate or successful, as FPL is a game of uncertainty and unpredictability. Therefore, FPL managers should use their own judgement and research before making any transfers or decisions based on the feature.

How can I access the feature? The feature can be accessed on the Premier League website or on the Fantasy Football Scout website, where the Scout Squad panel also provides their own long-list of FPL players for each Gameweek. Alternatively, FPL managers can follow the Scout on Twitter or YouTube for more tips and advice.

How can I use the feature to improve my FPL team? The feature can be used as a source of inspiration or guidance for FPL managers who are looking for some fresh ideas or different perspectives on their FPL team.

The feature can help FPL managers identify some potential targets, bargains, or captaincy options that they might have overlooked or ignored. However, the feature should not be followed blindly or exclusively, as FPL managers should also consider their own team structure, budget, strategy, and personal preferences when making their FPL decisions.


The Scout’s 24 Ones to Watch for FPL Gameweek is a feature that provides tips and advice for Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers ahead of each Gameweek. The Scout is a team of experts who analyse the statistics, form, fixtures, and news of the players and teams in the Premier League. They select five players from each position (goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, and forward) who they think will perform well in the upcoming Gameweek, based on factors such as price, ownership, differential, and captaincy potential. They also explain their reasoning behind each pick and provide some alternatives for different budgets and strategies.

Some of the sources that the Scout uses to create their feature are Premier League: The official website of the Premier League, where you can find the latest news, fixtures, results, standings, and statistics of the league and the players. Fantasy Football Scout: A popular website for FPL enthusiasts, where you can find articles, podcasts, videos, tools, and community forums related to FPL. All About FPL: Another website for FPL fans, where you can find tips, analysis, and picks based on data and eye test.

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